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Product Information

  • AT300600 Online Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera User Manual V1.0.1
    Update date : Sep , 29-2021
  • InfiRay Temperature Measurement Analysis PC Software Operation Manual_V1.0.1_D20200316(ATX)
    Update date : Sep , 29-2021


  • IRT_HTS_V103
    Update date : Nov , 04-2021

    This software enables human body temperature screening. Functions:

    1. Environmental parameter configuration: Reflection temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric transmissivity, emissivity and distance

    2. System configuration: Modify device IP and set the storage directory of alarm capture images/global graphs/ recorded videos

    3. Mask region configuration: Multiple mask regions can be selected and edited

    4. Measurement mode configuration: Standard/human body mode

    5. Imaging display

    6. Temperature analysis

    7. Blackbody calibration

    8. Face recognition

    9. Temperature alarms