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Product Information

  • AT20 Online Dual-spectrum Thermal Camera User Manual V1.0.6-20220106
    Update date : Aug , 12-2022
  • AT20 Online Thermal Camera Web Client Operation Manual V1.0.1- 20210222
    Update date : Sep , 29-2021


  • IRT_VMS_V1.7.2_Win64.exe
    Update date : May , 29-2023

    The Industrial Temperature Measurement and Monitoring System is an integrated software used in conjunction with temperature monitoring devices to meet the basic temperature measurement and monitoring requirements. Functions:

    1. Device management: Group management and addition of devices

    2. Preview: Regular preview, view, round inspection preview, PTZ control, manual image capture and video recording

    3. Alarm center: Configure alarms and view alarms

    4. Temperature measurement center: Measurement records and measurement statistics

    5. Electronic map: Add a map and configure the points to be monitored

    6. User management

    7. System configuration