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IRay Technology Co., Ltd.
IRay Technology Co., Ltd. concentrates on developing and manufacturing thermal imaging technologies and products, with completely independent intellectual property rights. IRay Technology committed to providing global customers with professional thermal imaging products and solutions. The main products include IRFPA detectors, thermal imaging cores, and terminal products for applications.
With R&D personnel accounts for 47% of all employees, IRay Technology owns 567 patented technologies in multiple fields, such as the development of integrated circuit, the design and manufacture of MEMS sensor, and Matrix Ⅲ image processing algorithms.
IRay products have been applied in various fields, such as disease control and prevention, industrial temperature measurement, intelligent surveillance, outdoor observation, automatic driving, AI and machine vision.


InfiRay Technologies Co., Ltd.
InfiRay Technologies Co., Ltd. is an innovative infrared thermal imaging system supplier. InfiRay focuses on emerging technologies such as optoelectric sensing, image processing, machine vision, AI, and IoT. With uncooled infrared thermal imaging as the core, it provides customers with products and services of excellent performance.
Driven by technological innovation, InfiRay has two R&D centers in Hefei and Wuhan. It continues to provide innovative services for industrial temperature measurement, night driving assistance, surveillance, fire protection, consumer electronics, and other fields to create the best benefits for society, economy, and environment.


InfiSense Technology Co., Ltd.
InfiSense® Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing sensors and solutions for applications with strict demand for integration, low power consumption, and low cost. The main products are low-cost infrared thermal imaging sensors, ASIC processing chips, and other related solutions.
InfiSense®’s products are widely applied in fields such as epidemic prevention and control, industrial temperature measurement, outdoor observation, automatic driving, IoT, AI, and machine vision.
InfiSense®, infinite sensing, intelligent living.


InfiRay Technology Co., Ltd.
InfiRay is mainly engaged in the development, production, and sales of high-performance laser, multi-spectrum, microwave, and integrated sensing products. R&D personnel account for more than 60% of all employees. Based on the development of core technologies in the laser and microwave fields, InfiRay develops a series of high-tech products such as photoelectric detection systems, low-altitude/ground detection radars, lidars, and photoelectric radar fusion systems around multi-sensor comprehensive sensing.
InfiRay always adheres to the product-oriented and customer-centric concept, masters core technologies, and creates value for customers. The products have a wide range of applications in key areas such as security, smart cities, unmanned systems, and autonomous driving, providing customers with advanced equipment, solutions, technical support, and other comprehensive services.


Raysen Microsystems Co., Ltd.
Raysen is committed to high-performance mixed signal IC design and module development. With R&D personnel account for more than 80% of all employees, technical fields cover the development of high-precision analog IC, application-specific SOC chip, application-specific image processing algorithm, and software and hardware of micro-modules.


Yantai New Semiconductor Technology Research Institute
1.5 billion yuan is planned to be invested in the Semiconductor Research Institute, in order to build an open R&D platform integrating the design, manufacturing, testing, and packaging of characteristic chips and smart MEMS sensors. The aim is to develop new materials, new devices, new technologies, and new applications, that can be industrialized and competitive in the market.
The first phase invests 500 million yuan to build an 8-inch MEMS processing line and a compound semiconductor processing line to meet R&D and pilot test requirements.


InfiRay® History


The first domestic enterprise that released 10μm 1280×1024 VOx uncooled infrared FPA detector.

Released 12μm 256×192 WLP detector and corresponding imaging module.

Released 12μm series thermal imaging module with high temperature measurement accuracy.

Released InfiRay® first shutter-less VOx thermal imaging module.

Released 12μm series outdoor thermal monocular.


Released the first 640×512 17μm uncooled terahertz imaging module in China.

Released the first 1280×1024 12μm uncooled infrared FPA detector in China (ceramic packaging, digital output).

Released Nano series module (power consumption≤0.5W, weight≤15g).


Released 640×512 14μm uncooled infrared FPA detector (ceramic packaging, digital output).

Released 384×288 17μm uncooled infrared FPA detector (ceramic packaging, digital output).

Released WLP (wafer level packaging) uncooled infrared FPA detector. Released the first 640×512 12μm uncooled infrared FPA detector in China (ceramic packaging, digital output).


Released 640×512/384×288 17μm ultra-high sensitivity uncooled infrared FPA detector (NETD≤30mK).

Released 640×512 17μm wide spectral band (3~14μm) uncooled infrared FPA detector.


Released3rd generation 640×512/384×288 17μm uncooled infrared FPA detector.

Released Micro series module (The smallest thermal module in China).

Released 1024×768 14μm uncooled infrared FPA detector (The first XGA detector in China).


Released2.5thgeneration 640×512/384×288 20μm uncooled infrared FPA detector.


Released 2nd generation 640×512/384×288 25μm uncooled infrared FPA detector. Released the first 384×288 35μm uncooled terahertz imaging module.


Released1stgeneration 384×288 35μm uncooled infrared FPA detector.


IRay was established in Yantai, Shangdong province, China.

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InfiRay® Certificate

艾睿光电红外热成像仪证书T3S FCC认证

T3S FCC Certification

艾睿光电红外热成像仪证书T2S/T3S/T3Pro/T6S CE认证

T2S/T3S/T3Pro/T6S Certification

艾睿光电红外热成像仪证书E2M RoHS证书

E2M RoHS Certification

艾睿光电红外热成像仪证书FT384 RoHS证书

FT384 RoHS Certification

艾睿光电红外热成像仪证书SL35 RoHS证书

SL35 RoHS Certification

艾睿光电红外热成像仪证书T3S RoHS证书

T3S RoHS Certification


IATF16949:2016 Certification of Automotive Quality Management System

艾睿光电红外热成像仪证书 ISO9001质量体系认证

ISO9001 quality management system certification


Integrated Circuit Design Enterprise


High-tech Enterprise in Shandong Province