Mini Series Uncooled Thermal Imaging Module
Mini adopts new self-developed 12μm VOx WLP detector and is equipped with an ASIC processing chip independently developed by InfiRay®, featuring extremely small size, lighter weight, and lower power consumption. Its 640-resolution thermal iamging module has a size of 21mm×21mm, which is very suitable for applications with extremely high requirements such as various miniaturized handheld devices, wearable devices, and light UAVs.
Product Features

Extremely small size, extremely low power consumption, and extremely light weight
Benefit from the size advantages of ASIC and WLP;
Benefit from the low power consumption of ASIC;
Mini series thermal imaging module has only one circuit board, which is extremely light.
Self-developed Core
With advanced image detection algorithm, it can realize automatic monitoring alarm, warning area customizing, and automatic target recognizing or tracking;
The interface software has complete functions and friendly interaction. It provides a variety of monitoring methods such as 360° panoramic image, radar image, and single frame image, and various parameters of the device can be set;
When the monitored target appears, it can alarm via image slice, log, sound, and other methods;
Advanced image detection algorithm
The alarm position can be accurately displayed in real time on the infrared panoramic image and 2D/3D electronic map of GIS system, and link with other external devices. For example, combined with the ARD high-accuracy remote dual-spectrum early-warning imaging tracker, it can quickly locate and recognize the target, complete the alarm situation review process, and record the linkage process information;
Advanced image stabilization algorithm
Small size, customized color, easy to install and deploy in various environments;
30V DC power supply, average power of less than 30w. The ordinary portable power source is enough for it;
A single person can complete its handling, installing, and debugging in half an hour. Main components: 1 tripod + 1 portable power supply + 1 laptop;
One 640 infrared radar can cover the shooting range of 45 units 640×512 infrared monitoring cameras, and the pitch range is adjusted from -20° to +40°, which further improves the monitoring range of the infrared radar;

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