Cherry chip, tiny Titan.

micro thermal module

InfiRay® Micro Ⅲ module has compact size, light weight, low power consumption,

rich data interface, comprehensive analysis function.

It is easy to use and integrate, saving both time and effort.

It can provide a brand new solution for thermal sensing products of various industries,

thanks to its easy-to-use, professional, and comprehensive functions.

micro thermal module
Module Temperature Measuring
Micro Ⅲ 384T Micro Ⅲ 640T
Performance Specification
Detector VOx uncooled thermal FPA
Resolution 384×288 640×512
Pixel Pitch 12μm
Detector Frame Rate 50Hz 25Hz
Spectral Band 8~14μm
NETD ≤50mK@25℃
Thermal Image
Brightness and Contrast Manual/Auto
Color Palettes Optinal (14 species)
Reticle Display/Fade/Move(Support for Customization)
Palette Upto 18 palettes
Zoom 1.0~8.0× Digital Zooming (0.1×Step)
Image Filter Digital Noise Reduction / Digital Detail Enhancement
Power Supply
Power Supply 4~6V DC
Over voltage, Under voltage, Reverse connection protection(with user extension component)
Power Protection Expansion board support over voltage, under voltage and reverse (Supported on expansion board)
Typical Power Consumption
Without User Extension Component 0.9W 1W
With User Extension Component 1.1W 1.2W
Connection Interface
Video Output Analog Video 1 channel PAL or NTSC
Digital Video BT.656/14-bit or 8-bit LVCMOS/LVDS/MIPI/CameraLink
Serial Port RS-232/UART(3.3V)
USB3.0 5V Typical,Image and Temperature data transmission, device control
Temperature Measurement
Measurement Range -20℃~+150℃,-20~+550℃
Measurement Accuracy (1) ±0.3℃ or ± 3% of Reading (Take Lager)@ Environment Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Measurement Tools 10 spots / Max & Min temp on Screen/ Center spot/12Lines/ Area Analysis/1 Isothermal Analysis
Customiztion Support User Language/Crosshair Customiztion
SDK Support
Physical Character
Weight 20g±3g(without lens & user extension component
Size 26mm×26mm×22mm (Without lens and expansion board)
Environmental Adaption
Operating Temp -40℃~+80℃
Storage Temp -45℃~+85℃
Humidity 5~95%,non-condensing
Vibration Random vibration, all the axes
Shock 80g,4ms,back peak, sawtooth wave, 3-axis and 6-direction
RoHS2.0 Yes
CE Yes
The data above are for reference only. Specifications in the marketed products shall prevail.

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