InfiRay® M300 Handheld Thermal Camera
InfiRay® Series Handheld Thermal Camera comes with 384×288 VOx infrared detector and the optimized circuit, Matrix Ⅲ intelligent image processing algorithm, and patented temperature measurement algorithm. It provides clearer thermal images and more accurate and stable temperature data. Also, it is equipped with an intelligent touch screen, manual focusing lens, dual vision, and various built-in analysis functions, to ensure accurate test results and efficient analysis and diagnosis.

Even more powerful performance Makes M300 greater

With 384×288 thermal resolution, thermal sensitivity of 0.035℃, and 44°FOV, M300 can display rich details that low resolution products cannot, and make sure the abnormal temperature targets were not missed.
3.5-inchLCD high defifinition (640×480) capacitive touch screen, with adjustable screen brightness, is more convenient for observation and analysis.
Manual focusingprovides clear images of targets from far to near. Especially for observing tiny near targets. The lens equiped on M300 is close to the quasi macro level, so tiny targets at the size of 1mm (at thedistance of 0.1m) can be distinguished.
It has a wide measurement range of -20℃~+550℃. From building detection to vehicle maintenance, it is adaptive to various scenes and purposes. There is no need to switch equipment, to save costs and improve effiffifficiency.
It has powerful image fusion functions. With a 5 million pixels digital camera, it can providemore comprehensive and richer information, easier for observation under complex conditions.

Intelligent analysisDiscover more, within the image

Support WiFi transmission. After connected to mobile phone APP, it can analyse and share thermal images and temperature data at any time and anywhere.
Intelligent PC analysis software supports the resetting of the measurement parameters. Click to form the detection report, convenient for data sorting, analysing, and mining.
It supports customized point/line/area temperature analysis. By simply clicking and dragging your fifinger on the touch screen, you can fifind the abnormal temperature of your interest on the thermal image. The intuitive feedback is simple and clear.

Professional design Expert’s choice, choose to be an expert

It supports both screen-touch and button operation. The touch panel is clear to see, easy to use, and convenient to analyse the data. The physical buttons are user-friendly, and convenient to operate with gloves.
It needs only one button to take photos or videos. Voice annotation is supported to perfectly restore the scene and simplify the complicated work procedures.
Compact and robust design with IP54 protection and 2m drop-proof. All these are to ensure you can work without worry
Simple user interface, pick and play, no need to be trained.
The large capacity 4500mAh battery in M300 is designed to be quickly detachable. Each M300 is shipped with two batteries and a charging dock, to meet heavy daily usage.
Dual modes support hand-held operation and fifixed operation on the tripod, flflexible and reliable.
Laser pointer can locate targets quickly and accurately, improving inspection effiffifficiency.
Built-in high/low-temperature alarm supports user-defifined alarm temperature

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