Tianxuan M200A Handheld Thermal Camera
infiray M200A thermal camera
InfiRay® Tianxuan M200A is an focus-free handheld thermal camera equipped with a 3.5-inch large touch screen. It inherits the advantage of "Check Clearly, Solve Quickly" from the Tianxuan M series, and is installed with the self-developed 12μm high-sensitive 256×192 infrared detector and 2,000,000-pixel visible light camera for clear locating. It features the 40mK thermal sensitivity and 25Hz high frame rate, focus-free design, and USB plug-and-play analysis, to provide accurate data and clear images satisfying the requirements of process monitoring and R&D analysis.

01. Large screen shows clear data

Clear view, accurate measurement, and broad range

M200A is equipped with a 3.5-inch 480×640 touch screen, lifting the fineness and details of infrared images to a completely new level. 256×192 self-developed infrared detector, 25Hz frame rate, and 49152 temperature measurement points on a frame. Clear view, missing no temperature details and improving inspection efficiency. 40mK high-sensitive detector chip + professional temperature measurement algorithm. Accurate temperature measurement provids more detailed temperature resolution and dual vision: infrared for measurement and visible light for location. 56° wide FOV + focus-free design provides a larger inspection range at the same distance. Broad inspection range covers a whole cabinet in 1m and achieves high-efficiency inspection in narrow spaces. Two levels of temperature measurement: -20°C to +150°C, 100°C to 550°C; ±2°C measurement accuracy, satisfying temperature requirements in different scenarios.
infiray AT20 thermal camera

02. See temperature difference with intelligent software

Support UVC, settable thresholds, and alarms

M200A is connected to the InfiRay® software ecosystem. With the USB real-time image analysis function, you can measure and analyze temperature at one time. It supports dual-platform analysis on both PC software and App, with rich software functions, curve generation for temperature rise by a click, settable alarm threshold, and multi-area flexible alarm. It is equipped 3.5-inch touch screen and supports the highest temperature, central spot, and cold/hot spot tracing as well as temperature display. Temperature measurement can be directly conducted on points, lines, and areas to facilitate partial area measurement and partition measurement. 4 modes+7 color palettes are suitable for more measurement modes. Wide temperature range for you to adjust manually, size and position settable for PIP mode. In dual-vision fusion mode, the infrared image can be adjusted on the touch screen to implement dual-vision registration. 4× digital zoom is supported for infrared images. One device can satisfy multi-scenario and multi-purpose requirements of users.
infiray AT20 thermal camera

03. Strong, durable, and rigid

IP54, 2m drop protection, and 8h long battery life

Well made with fine materials, M200A supports IP54 and 2m drop protection. With the perfectly curved camera trigger, you can short press it for photographing or long press it for recording. The internal 32G memory is sufficient for use! M200A is equipped with two quick removal batteries, rechargeable on a portable 5V mobile power supply, to achieve ultra-long battery life for you to use at will. This prevents process delays due to insufficient power for users.
infiray AT20 thermal camera
infiray AT20 thermal camera

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