InfiRay® C200 Handheld Thermal Camera
InfiRay® C200 Handheld Thermal Camera adopts the infrared detector with nearly 50000 pixels. It has wide temperature range(-20 ℃~+550 ℃), infrared+visible light fusion, 7 pseudo colors+4 image modes, 11h working time, IP54 protection grade, and 2m drop-proof. All these advantages can fully meet the various application needs of electrical diagnostics, machinery/equipment maintenance, building inspection, property and household, and other occasions. It is easy to use, professional, and efficient.

1.Professional Temperature Measurement, Upgraded Functions At Same

256×192 Resolution
Clearer details help you get rid of fuzzy images. Longer available distance ensures operation safety. More details and smaller targets can be observed at the same distance
11h Ultra-long Battery Life
With the Type-C charging interface, it can be fully charged in 4h. With 11h battery life, it is ready to use without worry about power supply. Dual Vision
It has infrared+visible light imaging function. Dual light fusion can better adapt to difffferent observation target scenes.
Thermal Imaging/dual vision fusion/ picture-in-picture/visible light mode 7 pseudo colors can easily locate hot spot and enhance detection effiffifficiency.
-20℃~+550℃ Wider Range, Meet More Measurement Needs
From HVAC to automotive maintenance, one good temperature measuring tool is enough.

2.Powerful Performance, Fast Inspection

Built-in high-performance 12μm VOx detector core, providing more delicate images.
56° FOV
Focus-free design brings large FOV at the same distance. It can cover the entire electric cabinet at 1m distance and scan 10m2 indoor flfloor at one glance. Inspection in a narrow space has never been easier.
Auto Tracking Of Highest/lowest-temperature Points
The center/highest/lowest temperature point could be displayed in real-time. Image and LED alarm are supported. The alarm threshold could be set for easy troubleshooting.
Tiny abnormal temperature point is clear. It is also suitable for the inspection of building quality, material defect, and precision devices.

3.Friendly Interaction, Simple Design With Rich Functions

5 Buttons Easy Operation, Pick and Scan
Measure temperature with ultra-easy button navigation, no additional training needed. Just unpack and power up.
Durable And Free To Work
IP54 protection supports 2m drop-proof. It can be handheld or installed on a tripod. Everything is to make you free to work.
Inspired By Boxing Gloves, Gravity Center Moves Down, Comfortable To Grip
Its camera trigger has perfect radius with the non-slip texture for better touch. Made of two-color injection molding environmental protection material, the fifirst impression after picking it up is comfortable.
Support PC offlfflffline temperature analysis.
The backstage supports professional temperature analysis and image optimization, and the analysis report can be formed with one click.

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