AT Series Fixed Focusing Online Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera
infiray AT31 thermal camera
AT31F/61F adopts a high-performance VOx detector with high resolution and high sensitivity. Combined with the Matrix Ⅲ patented image algorithm, it provides clearer images and more temperature details. Its patented intelligent temperature measurement algorithm makes the results more accurate and reliable. Thanks to its characteristics, such as low power consumption, small size, short start-up time, it is professional, simple, and easy to use with its comprehensive analysis software.

1.Excellent configuration,more usable than ever

It is specially optimized for network. One or multiple cameras can be controlled at the same time with our professional PC software, reducing the application cost.
It provides lenses of various optional focal lengths. It can output high-quality infrared images and meet the detecting requirements for space-restricted areas and small targets.
-20℃~+550℃ wide range temperature measurement makes it possible to monitor more industrial targets requiring high-temperature measurement.
infiray AT31 thermal camera

2.Dedicated support, work together to form your exclusive advantage

Provide Windows/Linux/Android SDK to support users’ secondary development and improve practicality to form customer advantages.
Displaying more point, line, and area test results provides an easier way for obtaining back-end temperature data and makes the application more flexible and convenient, reducing the cost of use.
Support alarm function and provide abnormal alarm (I/O output, log, image storage, file sending (FTP), E-mail (SMTP));
infiray AT31 thermal camera

3.Advanced interface, powerful and versatile

50Hz frame rate and Gigabit/Mbit/adaptive Ethernet interface support real-time transmission of on-site temperature data.
Rich back-end interfaces can be directly connected to various monitoring systems for integration programs, greatly reducing the R&D cycle.
Multiple network protocols, such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, and DHCP, can achieve real-time temperature monitoring and abnormal warning. Compatible with protocols,such as ONVIF and GB28181, it can provide convenience for on-site installation and share analysis and alarm results easily at the same time.
infiray AT31 thermal camera
infiray AT31 thermal camera
infiray AT20 thermal camera

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