AT Series Automatic Focusing Online Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera
infiray AT31 thermal camera
AT31/61 is equipped with a compact professional electric focusing lens, which adds flexibility for using & installing and makes it adaptable to more targets. It is equiped with our self-developed high performance, high resolution, and high sensitivity VOx detector. Combined with the Matrix Ⅲ patented image algorithm, intelligent temperature measurement algorithm, the temperature measurement result is more accurate and reliable, providing professional customers with more comprehensive and accurate thermal imaging products and solutions.

1.AT31/61 -- Accurately transmit on-site temperature data

Provide various compact electric focusing lenses selection to meet different field & depth of view requirement. Provide more accurate temperature and output high-quality thermal images.
50Hz frame rate and Gigabit Ethernet interface support real-time transmission of on-site temperature data.
-20℃~+550℃ wide range temperature measurement makes it possible to monitor more industrial targets requiring high-temperature measurement.
Patented intelligent temperature compensation algorithm greatly improves measurement accuracy and adding convenience for engineers to pinpoint and troubleshoot the failure.
infiray AT31 thermal camera

2.The combination of hardware and software innovation makes AT31 / 61 your ideal powerful equipment

Multiple network protocols such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, and DHCP, can achieve real-time temperature monitoring and abnormal warning. Compatible with protocols such as ONVIF, GB28181, and GenlCam provide convenience for on-site installation and sharing analysis and alarm results.
Automatic focusing makes field test and application more convenient.
Displaying more Test results of spots,Lines,and areas provides an easier way for obtaining back-end temperature data and makes the application more flexible and convenient, reducing the cost of use.
Provide SDK and PC software to support customized secondary development Improve practicality and feasibility to form your unique advantages to customer .
Comply with RoHS, CE, and other EU Environment-Protecting Directives, bring no worry for export.
infiray AT31 thermal camera

3. 1.3 megapixel infrared temperature measurement, A whole new thermal world waiting to be explored.

Most advanced REAL 1.3-megapixel infrared temperature measurement contributes to the future;
1280×1024 full-picture temperature measurement thermal imager, providing rich temperature details, can easily cope with large area temperature measurement application of key nodes;
Can be used in core power equipment inspection, large-scale oil and chemical engineering equipment monitoring, high-precision scientific research test and evaluation. Break through the ceiling of infrared temperature measurement imaging and enter the new stage of megapixel.
infiray AT31 thermal camera
infiray AT31 thermal camera
infiray AT20 thermal camera

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