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Product Information

  • AT3161 Online Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera User Manual _V1.0.7_20221011
    Update date : Aug , 12-2022


  • IRT_VMS_V105
    Update date : Nov , 04-2021

    The Industrial Temperature Measurement and Monitoring System is an integrated software used in conjunction with temperature monitoring devices to meet the basic temperature measurement and monitoring requirements. Functions:

    1. Device management: Group management and addition of devices

    2. Preview: Regular preview, view, round inspection preview, PTZ control, manual image capture and video recording

    3. Alarm center: Configure alarms and view alarms

    4. Temperature measurement center: Measurement records and measurement statistics

    5. Electronic map: Add a map and configure the points to be monitored

    6. User management

    7. System configuration

  • IRT_TAS_android_V110.apk
    Update date : Nov , 04-2021
  • IRT_TAS_V220
    Update date : Nov , 04-2021

    1. Obtain product information

    2. Calibrate product data

    3. Set product working status and update product firmware

    4. Imaging display

    5. Temperature analysis

    6. Generate CSV temperature reports

    7. Test reports

    8. Photo taking

    9. Video recording

    10. Generate JPEG infrared thermographs

    11. Secondary analysis with infrared thermographs

    12 Cloud platform